Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is American Education Neglecting Gifted Children?

I was given this article by our special services director who is an incredible advocate for the gifted children in our school district.

In summary it states what we already know...gifted children in American are not only neglected and underserved, but we are actually causing gifted children to often take steps back in their academics.

The impact of this neglect is being felt now, according tot he report, with "continued underperformance on international benchmarks, particularly in math, science, and engineering, and in the shortage of qualified workers able to enter professions that require advanced skills."

Please if you are truly an advocate of gifted education, become a member of your local gifted advocacy group...or start a chapter! Our voice needs to be heard.

If you are in Arizona, consider being a part of AAGT. Their website is

I am told that in order to get most of our staff on board with gifted education I have to be patient and kill them with kindness. Do I see improvements in our districts gifted education...yes...but it is nowhere where it should be. How do I keep being kind, when I see children with extraordinary potential not getting the education that they deserve?

This article was retrieved from: on November 19, 2009

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