Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Much Time Should We Spend Helping Gifted Kids?

You have all been to the meetings...you know the ones...the ones where the focus is the students who are not performing. How many hours a day do you think that we spend on non-performing kids versus kids who have the ability to perform beyond expectations? I know in my classroom, I am guilty of doing this too. It is easier to not have to worry about them and know that they will be fine.....BUT is it right?

But I am wondering...how do we help those that can do, while still helping those that can't or won't do the work?

We spend 80% of our resources on those that won't or can't do and 20% on the rest of the population. My question for you is......is this fair?

There are some that say that if kiddo's get it, why are we worried about it? But I am thinking...if these students are challenged to perform to the best of their ability, how will their education look at the end of 13 years? Compared to one who just goes with the status quo and does the minimum necessary to please the teacher; what does their education look like at the end of 13 years?

Please share your ideas, concerns and venting as appropriate:


  1. Over the course of a school year, I believe each student deserves approximately the same amount of teacher time/focus/attention.

  2. Mark: Do you think that they currently receive that?

  3. Karen Hughes made a very in-depth presentation at last year's Texas Association for the Gifted conferences on this very issue. She outlined and supported her finding on how much progress on average that a gifted child made under different educational situations. Very interesting!

  4. Angie:

    Are you talking about the Karen Hughes that was an advisor for Bush?

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